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St. Kosmas Aitolos Homeschool Community is a Pan-Orthodox non-profit organization that seeks to facilitate ways for Orthodox Homeschool Families to connect with one another.  Some of the questions on this form are being asked in order to help us better understand local needs for co-op and field-trip planning.  It is our desire to better meet your needs and the extra information will help us to do that. We also hope to link people together who may not know the existence of other Orthodox homeschoolers living in their area. 

In addition to using this information for event planning purposes, the information gained from this form is also used to help us determine who will have full access to our event details.  Many of the pages on our website are not accessible to the public and require a member log-in.  This is for the safety of our members who are participating in these events.  The information that we collect through this form will help us determine that we are giving event details only to Orthodox Christian families supportive of homeschooling.  Submitting this online form - and providing a gmail address for member log-in - is necessary to gain access to the member-only pages of this site.  Thank you for your understanding.

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