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"A Day in Constantinople During the Reign of Emperor Justinian the Great"

We will learn about life in Constantinople at the time of Emperor Justinian the Great and about his reign and accomplishments including the construction of the great Hagia Sophia. We will learn about important monasteries in the capital city including Chora Monastery and The Studion. And we will learn about Byzantine chant and will taste Byzantine food. A craft activity is planned as well.

Contact:  Elizabeth Davis,


Feastday of St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Monastery

more information to come!


St. Kosmas Homeschool Community Contact for this event:  Jennifer Sierra,

"A Day at Mar Saba Monastery, Palestine"

Spend a day at Mar Saba Monastery, overlooking the Kidron Valley, during their patronal feastday, St. Sava the Sanctified. Learn about St. Sava, the monastery he founded, and St. John Damascene, one of its most famous monastics. Taste Palestinian food and participate in a craft.

Contact:  Elizabeth Davis,

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Pan-Orthodox Paraklesis at the Chapel of Vladyka Dmitri

Contact:  Jennifer Sierra,

Vladyka Dmitri's Chapel.jpg

A Day at Holy Trinity Lavra, Russia

We will learn about St. Sergius of Radonezh and the monastery he founded, "Holy Trinity Lavra." We will taste Russian food and learn about traditional Russian peasant life and culture. There will also be a craft.

Contact:  Elizabeth Davis,

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St. Kosmas Homeschool Community Contact for this event:  Jennifer Sierra,


"A Day at Meteora Monastery, Greece"

Learn about the incredible monasteries built on tall rock pillars in Meteora, Greece. Learn how by necessity, in defense of the Turks below, they lived sustainably high above, providing for their own needs through innovative design, only now being re-discovered today in the west.

Contact:  Elizabeth Davis,


2019 Project Mexico Homebuilding Service Trip

2019:  May 20-24


Continuing on our theme of "Building Life Skills", St. Kosmas Homeschool Community is planning our first Family Service Project Trip to Project Mexico to participate in a homebuild.  Start planning now.  There are costs involved and all members of the family will need passports to make this trip. More information to come.

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